I will be back In a little but :) Andrew is on his way home so yea

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❤ - Tumblr user I would date
❣ - An unpopular opinion I have
⋆ - My personal blog url
❧ - Other websites I’m on
✗ - Skype
☒ - My nickname
☑ - My real name
♞ - My age
✾ - TV series I love
◎ - Relationship status
❂ - Post a picture of myself
☄ - My opinion of you

Send me a ✍ and I will generate a number 1-200


And make a starter based on what I get.

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[ The Islander can’t help but to laugh in a gentle voice as his elbows rested against the table and his chin propped up but his hands. It seems like the other hasn’t changed much- perhaps the darkening of his hues- his height.. but all in all he remained the same.]

Cute or handsome— either or gets me ladies and the occasional man still and I think what matters most is that my odd colored hair doesn’t make me look like I’m 50. [ He cocks his head to the side. ] Nonsense- I think I still would have gotten away with it all- and not be the town’s pervert.

[For whatever reason, that playful tone that hinted in the Icelander voice was a bit unsettling. Certainly his beloved younger brother wasn’t capable of anything but innocent charm, perhaps finagling the occasional drink out of someone but nothing more than that.. Or atleast thats what the Norwegian wanted— No, had to believe.] Tsk—  Now now… That isn’t a trait you have gotten from me.. And Mathias isn’t exactly Prince charming.

[His navy glance studied the other briefly before turning his attention to his mug, where is mindlessly sloshed the darkened substance in the shallow bowl of the cup.] You’re something else Ice—… [A sigh before changing the subject.] You’re coming to my house warming party.. Since Mathias and I finally found a place together..Ja?

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i get so affectionate when i’m sleepy it’s disgusting

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I am going to guess you didn’t even try to look so here:

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I have 23 people blacklisted and at certain times of day, my whole dash decreases like 50% LOL

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I love people who make me forget that I’m shy

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Not feeling sexy enough to write smut or flirty muses?

Listen to Sam Smith’s latest album bc it will work

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